The Systematic Instruction Organisation provides TSI training for staff and parents of people with disabilties, enabling them to provide a range of skills training which lead to inclusion in the world of work and community living settings.The organisation is led by Geoff Warner, who has had many years of experience in the field of disablity.

He has been involved in Supported Employment since it’s conception in the United Kingdom, served on the executive committee of The Association for Supported Employment, and is a qualified Marc Gold and Associates trained trainer. Geoff has worked in the U.K. and many parts of Europe providing training and consultancy to various orgaisations. Some of his recent work has been working with parents teaching them methodologies to improve the quality of life for their sons and daughters.

Working alongside Geoff is Mike Petrie who also has many years experience in the field of Learning Disablity. Mike is also a trained trainer. Training in systematic instruction is the brainchild of the late Dr. Marc Gold. Marc who was a pioneer in developing the “Try Another Way Approach” which was developed to teach people with significant disabilities skills .

It continues to to be used by many organisations and has vastly improved the quality of life for the people who have been exposed to the system. Marc Gold was a firm believer that; “Anyone can learn if we can figure out a way to teach them” and our training maintains the values Marc put in his work, allowing people to take their rightful place amongst us in society.

Powerful values and postive methodoly underpin The Systematic Intruction Organisation values. Details of our training can be found on the Training and Consultancy page of this website. Thank you for visiting and remember it is our duty to the people we represent to provide a quality service enabling their dream to become a reality.
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